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LOLA - FMCh  7/9/2023

Lola was an accidental breeding when two pets were unintentionally let out together during some home construction. The dogs were then spooked and ran away. The beautiful male Aussie unfortunately was struck and killed on a road quite a ways from home.  More than a day later the young, small female Aussie was found hiding under a spa at a nearby house.  Her human mom loved her dogs so much, she kept one and personally selected homes for the other 5 pups. We had lost our beloved Aussie the year before and jumped at the chance for another like him. We did NOT get another like him. Lola was the smallest of the litter but when she came into our home at 8 weeks (March of 2016) she immediately tried to become alpha over a 13-year old border collie mix and a 1-year old cattle dog/border collie mix.  She's small, but mighty.

At about 9 weeks old I recognized that she was pushing tennis balls back to me. I'd roll it to her

Photograph by Ray Lundrigan

and she'd nudge it back over and over. They were too big for her to put in her mouth at that time. I always wanted a dog to play fetch with, but now I don't wish the curse on anyone. 

She is at 100 all the time and always the center of attention becoming the "bratty little sister" if she doesn't get her way. Lola become LOLA as she's always always trying to dominate the situation and ALWAYS wanting to fetch! 

Photograph by Paul Linnerud
MIGHTY MILO - FMCh 4/8/2023

Milo was adopted by Megan and Jeff Yarroll from the Oregon Human Society. His birthday is March 12, 2013. He is believed to be a Chihuahua mix with a Yorkie personality and Papillon-insired ears. Milo has earned his Canine Good Citizenship award, and is training to become a therapy dog. Milo is also becoming an accomplished trick dog, with several titles in that sport. He thought about dock-diving, but then had second thoughts. He loves running, snuggling, rolling over and chewing on his sister. Milo has great enthusiasm for flyball, and we hope to see him out there in the lanes in 2021.

INKY - FDCh-Silver 2/20/2022

Inkabod "Inky" Crane was part of an unwanted litter born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and later shipped up to Oregon Humane Society where she was adopted by Susan. Having trained her older dog for nearly four years with Portland Tail Blazers, the team indoctrinated Inky almost immediately. Her favorite activites include running, jumping, and spinning, so flyball is a perfect match, almost including all three. She debuted at 15 months, getting 15 points to match her age and hopes to keep racing for many years to come.

Willow - FM 1/20/2024

Willow was born 5/20/2020 in Government Camp, OR. Willow's bloodlines have some impressive herding champions. She joined the Decklar family in July 2020 and has been a gift. The Decklar family had no idea how to care for a super-intelligent and active Aussie. They quickly discovered Willow needed to be learning something daily and have a space to feel the wind through her fur. As a puppy, her preferred form of play was outrunning most dogs that would play with her. She would run so fast the other dogs would give up and become distracted. Willow would look around and wonder "Where did everyone go?" Flyball training started in September 2021 and she has never looked back. Willow is a very sweet, happy, and exuberant Aussie off the flyball field. When she is racing, she is all about trash talk and giving the sport everything she has. Willow loves her family, frisbee, flyball, and running as fast as she can! She is looking forward to learning new tricks and sports in the future.

HEMLOCK - FDCh-Gold 4/8/2023

Hemlock is a 50% Mini Aussie, 15% Lab, 35% Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and Pyrenees mix, but 100% Dork! Katelyn fell in love with him when she was helping a family member sign up to volunteer at the SW WA Humane Society. His paperwork said he was to go to an only dog home; he was potentially aggressive and fearful. It took a while to get him to come over to the door as he was curled up in a ball, ignoring people walking by. When he did, Katelyn started talking to him and he started spinning in circles off the door, like he was showing off his future flyball skills. He had none of the traits they labeled him with! His best friend is his brother, Lemon, and he likes to play tug with his sister, Rose. He is the only one of Katelyn's dogs that will wrestle with you in one moment then snuggle with you the next. Katelyn never had plans to play sports with this dorky boy, but he seemed so sad when she’d take siblings to practice so we gave it a shot! Hemi blew Katelyn away, getting his first four titles in just two and a half days of racing at two tournaments.

Frizzle - FMX 9/23/2023

Frizzle (Salmon Creeks Waves of Gold), May 8, 2018

FB English Cocker Spaniel

AKA...Frazzled Frizzle or Miss Wiggle Butt

To us, Frizzle is so much more than an athlete or a family pet. She was our saving grace who brought JOY to our lives during a very difficult time. With that, the birth of five healthy puppies was the best thing that happened. Frizzle was the only red in the litter and she was our keeper. Her mother is our Keira. Oh, what joy five puppies can bring!!

In early Jun 2018 another  tragedy struck. Frizzle nearly lost her life. While playing with her siblings, there was a freak accident and Frizzle almost drowned. When she was discovered, she was limp and lifeless, and not breathing. We worked frantically giving chest compressions and mouth to mouth (yes it was difficult and traumatic doing this to a 3.5 week old puppy). A miracle happened, she took her first breath on the way to the emergency vet. Afterward, the hard part would be waiting to see if the lungs would clear and that infection did not set in. There were many prayers, and Frizzle got a clean bill of health ten days later. That first year was a difficult one, as Frizzle also underwent surgery for a swallowed rock.

Photograph by Ray Lundrigan

Currently, she is a very happy, healthy 3 year old. She is very eager to please and will almost always give more than 110%. She loves many sports including Dock Diving, Frisbee Toss & Fetch, Agility, FCAT, Barn Hunt, and Flyball. Her accomplishments include: 2020 & 2021 Dock Diving Regionals (3rd place Lap Elite Division 202), 2020 Dock Diving National Championship Invite, titles include Air Retrieve Senior, Dock Master Advanced and Dock Elite with a PB of 22'2". In Frisbee Toss & Fetch she participated in the (Regional) World Wide Championship earning 1st Place in the Master Division (with Shana) and 1st Place in the Handler Division (with Kelly), she is currently working on her foundation skills for agility and is looking forward to competing in the Fall of 2022. Frizzle also made her debut in Flyball at the January 2022 Tournament hosted by Animal House, where she achieved her FDCh and PB of 4.881 seconds.

Most of all, Frizzle loves hanging out with her friends and giving loves whenever she can!

If you see a dog who has a smile on her face and a  wagging tail that never stops...that's Frizzle!

SKULLY - FDCh-Silver 11/19/2023

Skully was born in Florence, Oregon and became a part of the Davis family at seven months old. He is a not-so Mini American Shepherd. His hobbies include forensic science, keeping his paranoid companion in check, playing with toddlers, starting parties, trick training, and barking at the milk lady. It is apparent after spending time with Skully that he is one of the happiest dogs around, and he enjoys bringing his happiness to the world of flyball.

TIKA - FM 9/24/2023

Born 10/12/2018

Tika was born on a farm in Spokane, WA. Tika comes from a long line of goat and cow herding border collies. Instead of herding, Terra-Beth and Kevin have gotten Tika involved in dog sports to help her let out some of her "psycho!" Tika is a National Dock Diving Champion through North American Diving Dogs; her best jump is 28'4". She placed third at Nationals in 2021 in the Distance Elite division. Tika has continued to place at Nationals and/or Regionals in Air Retrieve Senior and Distance Elite ever since. In 2022, Tika was ranked number two female border collie and ranked fifth overall border collie in the distance category in all of North America. Tika has also

Photograph by Crystal Beck

titled in FastCat, Trick Dog, Rally, Hydro Dash, played in disc, and has started racing in AOK9. Tika's fastest FastCat time is 28.52 mph. Tika also completed her first half-marathon with her mommy in 2022 without even breaking a pant. Tika is a lover girl at home. She loves her mommy and daddy to death, even her little, yet older brother, MoJo. Outside of her immediate family, Tika could not care less about you and would rather not socialize. "Ew, don't touch me!" is Tika's motto. Tika does, however, love to rumble, tumble, and hump any dog that will let her. Terra-Beth and Tika are so excited to see what flyball has in store for them!

Ember  - FDCh-Gold 9/24/2023

Border Collie

STELLA - FMX 5/7/2023


CALLIE - FDCh 3/10/2024

Border Collie

BAILEY - FM 3/9/2024

Australian Shepherd

OREO - FDCh-Gold 1/20/2024

Australian Shepherd

Whiskey - FDX 3/10/2024


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