Lola was an accidental breeding when two pets were unintentionally let out together during some home construction. The dogs were then spooked and ran away. The beautiful male Aussie unfortunately was struck and killed on a road quite a ways from home.  More than a day later the young, small female Aussie was found hiding under a spa at a nearby house.  Her human mom loved her dogs so much, she kept one and personally selected homes for the other 5 pups. We had lost our beloved Aussie the year before and jumped at the chance for another like him. We did NOT get another like him. Lola was the smallest of the litter but when she came into our home at 8 weeks (March of 2016) she immediately tried to become alpha over a 13-year old border collie mix and a 1-year old cattle dog/border collie mix.  She's small, but mighty.

At about 9 weeks old I recognized that she was pushing tennis balls back to me. I'd roll it to her and she'd nudge it back over and over. They were too big for her to put in her mouth at that time. I always wanted a dog to play fetch with, but now I don't wish the curse on anyone. 

She is at 100 all the time and always the center of attention becoming the "bratty little sister" if she doesn't get her way. Lola become LOLA as she's always always trying to dominate the situation and ALWAYS wanting to fetch! 

LOLA - FM  9/29/2019

Photograph by Heather Butcher
Photograph by Ray Lundrigan
Photograph by Paul Linnerud

Bred specifically for sports like agility, freestyle disc and fly ball, Blue Cedar's Quasar is 50% border collie, 30% border terrier, 12% jack russell terrier, 8% staffordshire bull terrier, and 100% enthusiasm.  Quasar's boundless enthusiasm, especially for the fuzzy green orbs of canine happiness, made his training an arduous journey of several years, but Quasar became a reliable height dog. When not playing flyball, Quasar likes to play with tugs, flirt poles, discs, and balls. If none of those are available as distractions, then the neighborhood squirrels are well advised to stay high in their trees, lest they become snacks.

TAZER - FMX  11/10/2019

Tazer is a Mini American Shepherd who began his flyball career at age three and has earned his FM title.  Adopted by Jett in 2013, he is an athletic and personable dipstick who is enthusiastic about everything. He has a natural box turn, and has been convinced that bringing the ball back to Jett is necessary.  His favorite teammate was his cousin Bella, who he loved running with.  Outside of flyball, he is learning agility and competes in Nose Work, and has demonstrated his herding ability by rounding up Jett's 2 dwarf goats on occasion. 

Photograph by Paul Linnerud
Photograph by Paul Linnerud

Milo was adopted by Megan and Jeff Yarroll from the Oregon Human Society. His birthday is March 12, 2013. He is believed to be a Chihuahua mix with a Yorkie personality and Papillon-insired ears. Milo has earned his Canine Good Citizenship award, and is training to become a therapy dog. Milo is also becoming an accomplished trick dog, with several titles in that sport. He thought about dock-diving, but then had second thoughts. He loves running, snuggling, rolling over and chewing on his sister. Milo has great enthusiasm for flyball, and we hope to see him out there in the lanes in 2021.

INKY - FDX 3/7/2020

Inkabod "Inky" Crane was part of an unwanted litter born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and later shipped up to Oregon Humane Society where she was adopted by Susan. Having trained her older dog for nearly four years with Portland Tail Blazers, the team indoctrinated Inky almost immediately. Her favorite activites include running, jumping, and spinning, so flyball is a perfect match, almost including all three. She debuted at 15 months, getting 15 points to match her age and hopes to keep racing for many years to come.

Photograph by Paul Linnerud


Sage was found wandering astray in Oklahoma City OK, and picked up by animal control. He had the great fortune to be rescued by Miller's Cause and transferred to one of the foster homes in Amarillo TX where he was caught up on his vet care.  He was adopted by a couple in Guerneville CA who surrendered him after a week due to "too much energy." Rather than transport him back to OK or TX, a foster home was found in southern OR with Aussies Furever Rescue. They thought he was a mini-Aussie, so he was advertised as such. After adoption by Nancy and Pixel, DNA results showed he was Mini-Pin, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Mini-Poodle, and Pekinese. Since he was 25 % inbred, likely he was manufactured in a puppy mill. 

LEVI - FDCH-Gold   11/9/2019

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Photograph by Paul Linnerud

ROSEMARY  - FDCH - Silver 11/11/2018

Border Collie

STORM - FDCH-Gold 7-15-2018


Miniature Australian Shepherd


HULU - FM  9/13/2014


STELLA - FDCH-Silver  1/27/2019


SULLY - FDCH-Gold   9/15/2019


Ollie - FDX 9/15/2019

Labrador Retriever