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Portland Tail Blazers

Flyball Club

    Interested in teaching your dog to play flyball? Want to              join our flyball team? Email us: .       Our   classes and practice are held in Vancouver WA.                   
Iron dog, Storm
Photo by Crystal Beck
Flyball Halftime Show at the Moda Center: December 2nd, 2017
Video courtesy of the Portland Trail Blazers

Our Goals


  • To have fun with our dogs while we pursue our passion for our chosen sport;

  • To be a competitive team, with the intent of participating in seven to ten tournaments per year;

  • To train our dogs with positive, proven methods that enable them to achieve the best possible times in the safest possible manner;

  • To promote the sport of flyball by taking part in local demonstrations and fun matches;

  • To support our team and teammates in our flyball endeavors.

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